What are the club hours?

Our program is designed to be helpful to you, we are running from 7 AM to 6 PM.

What if my loved one is unsure about the Club?

One of the unique aspects of the Club is our staff. Specifically trained to work with those with dementia, we also have our “concierge” staff to assist with the transition and connect them with members and staff.

Can my loved one attend the adult day program if they have dementia, are in a wheelchair, or are incontinent?

Absolutely! We specialize in dementia care and our staff can assist with transfers and incontinence care, including assistance in our onsite shower.

Is transportation available?

Call the club at 480-827-2600. We will be looking to add transportation.

Can you help beyond club hours?

Absolutely, we have private care available as needed.

What about cost?

Varies, call the club at 480-827-2600, but can be as little as $13/hr.